Bp. Jerold Gliege

1426 Alexandra Avenue, Saskatoon


A word from our presiding bishop

Welcome to the web pages of The Evangelical Orthodox Church. Here you will learn something of our history and our present growth, particularly in Africa.


We are a sacramental Church where the living presence of God is manifested. We take seriously the grace of God in His Church and attempt to live in a way that appropriates this grace for corporate and personal holiness.


We are evangelical in that we have, in the past 40 years, come from that stream of Christianity. We cherish the Spirit filled hymnody, biblical love and personal prayer life of that tradition thus incorporating these gifts into our Church and personal life.


We are orthodox. We have, in conscious and deliberate manner, accepted and integrated the theological formulations of the great Fathers of the Church. Our liturgy of worship has been patterned after the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom and is used in an evangelical manner, proclaiming the goodness of the Triune God.


Our evangelical orthodoxy calls us to be a moral Church and while we reject fundamentalism, we attempt to be a gracious conservative Church. We hold grace and truth together in moral, theological and liturgical issues. This pathway is humbling and difficult and requires the constant guidance of the Holy Spirit. In this spirit we agree with Fr. Schmemann who stated, “The Church must always change to ever remain the same.”


We will continue to strive for the visible manifestation of the unity of the Blessed Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. If you or your Church is alone on this journey we invite your communication. Our desire is “face to face” communion with all who wish to walk with us.


God bless you wherever you are!


In Christ,

Bp. Jerold Gliege

1113 Hazen Street
Saskatoon, CANADA  S7K0Z9

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