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USA - Missouri

St Porphyrios Mission Center in Brookfield, Missouri, is undergoing a complete rebuilding effort following the catastrophic 16 March 2022 fire that destroyed our entire facility.  Where we used to have all our activities in a single facility, Bishop Patrick “Mike” Quigley, Jr. and Deacon Daniel Westermann, Emergency Services Corpsmen of the Brotherhood of St John Chrysostom are now overseeing several construction projects in order to open the new St Porphyrios Worship Center, the ESC Response Center and the Order of St Tabitha the Widow Thrift Store, as well as working on Parish development.


Our St Porphyrios Worship Center is under construction at 225 N Main Street, Brookfield MO 64628.  When completed, the Worship Center will house our sanctuary, the soup kitchen, a monastic housing unit & guest quarters, and the Emergency Services Corps Response Center. 


The Order of St Tabitha The Widow Thrift Store (824 Meade Street, Brookfield MO 64628) is open weekly Thursdays 10 am - 2 pm, and other days based upon volunteer availability.  Those in urgent need can contact us for an appointment.  


The Emergency Services Corps Response Center & Bishop’s Office is temporarily at 418 McGowan Street, Brookfield MO 64628.  


Celebrate Recovery Step Study, Thursdays 1 - 2:30 PM.  

Catechumen Classes will resume on Sunday nights in January at the McGowan House.


For Parish development information, chaplaincy, Biblical counselling and other pastoral services contact Bishop Mike for an appointment at:


Bishop P. Mike Quigley

814 McGowan Street, Brookfield MO 64628

816-286-4801 or email 


For Thrift Store and Soup Kitchen information, or to volunteer, contact Deacon Daniel at 


Deacon Daniel Westermann 

824 Meade Street, Brookfield MO 64628

615-601-1037 or email


In His service and at yours too,


+ Patrick "Mike" Quigley, Jr. +

Bishop Patrick ”Mike” Quigley, Jr.( D.Min), BSJC

Evangelical Orthodox Church

Chief of Chaplains, Emergency Services Corps 


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