You are Peter
by Olivier Clement

In his encyclical, Ut unum sint, John Paul II called for common reflection on the function of papal primacy in the post-Vatican II era. With You Are Peter the great Orthodox theologian Olivier Clément responds to this request with characteristic brilliance. He summarizes the history and experience of the undivided Church, recalls the contrasting developments of eastern and western Christianity, and concludes with discussion of the tasks that call us to unity.

Common Ground
by Jordan Bajis

Jordan Bajis has written a book that introduces the mysteries of the Orthodox Church to a person with a Western paradigm. As a "westerner" traveling on the road of Orthodoxy he is able to empathize with the reason of the west. He outlines the differences and similarities of the two Christian hemispheres with integrity and poise, without loosing track of the centre. 

Var min präst
av: En munk från Östkyrkan (Lev Gillet)

In this small writ, Lev Gillet (often writing under the pseudonym "A monk from the Eastern Church") outlines the identity, purpose and work of the Christian priest. He makes the point that all priests must find their centre point and calling in the one Priest, Christ. The writer guides the reader towards love and mercy and exemplifies in his writing the very thing he is writing about namely that a priest is the one who lives 

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The life of St Anthony

by Athanasius who was a major figure of 4th-century Christendom. As bishop of Alexandria, spiritual master and theologian, he lead the Church in it's battle against the Arian heresy. Athanasius' The life of Anthony is one of the foremost classics of Christian asceticism. It tells the spiritual story of St. Anthony, the founder of Christian monasticism. Written at the request of the desert monks of Egypt provide "an ideal pattern of the ascetically life".

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